Hotstone MassageThe human body has been masterfully created to heal itself. Yet, powerful aggravates like stress and illness prevent the body from functioning at its best.  Think about the last time you had a headache that seemed like it would never go away.  It may have been the result of job stress or trouble with your finances.  Whatever the cause of discomfort, a hot stone massage provides a number of benefits to relax your body and boost your health.


What Is A Hot Stone Massage And How Is It Done?

Before reaping the benefits, you should have a basic understanding of this type of massage is performed.  In simple terms, it’s a deep tissue muscle massage performed with heated stones called basalt stones. The  stones are heated to high temperatures in water and then slightly cooled for application on the skin during massage.

After applying a massage oil or lotion, the stones are glided with firm pressure smoothly across the treated muscles.  To prepare your body for the therapeutic benefits, the large muscle groups are treated first.

How Can Stone Massage Therapy Benefit You?

The specific reasons for getting stone massage therapy vary by individual.  However, the emotional and physical benefits reported are numerous:

Natural pain relief:

A hot stone massage is a safe non-invasive way to address common health conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis.  A 2007 report from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) suggests that massage can reduce the incidence and frequency associated with headache, muscular and joint pain from a number of conditions.

Deep tissue and muscle relaxation:

The kneading pressure facilitated with the heated stones releases rigid muscles that have been under tension.

Release of toxins and elimination of waste from the body:

After a good massage, you will need to use the bathroom.  That’s because the pressure applied to your muscles is mashing out the toxins.  Hot stones intensify the effects and make the massage more productive.

Improvement of the lymphatic system:

Responsible for fighting off diseases, infections and germs, the lymph system is improved as waste is eliminated from the body resulting from the hot stone massage.

Improvement in the workings of the central nervous system encouraging better circulation:

This neurological system processes bodily functions better when the body is relaxed.  As a result of the central nervous system functioning better, blood flow increases and improves circulation in the body.

Hotstone MassageFlexibility is increased:

Your muscles are loosened and relaxed from the hot stone treatment.  Therefore, your range of motion is extended.

Increase in energy levels:

Muscle tension is released by the acupressure experienced during the massage. This stimulates the energy flow throughout the entire body.

Stress relief

Feelings of peace and calm are induced in the mind as well as the body.  It’s hard to hold on to negative emotions when you feel so good.



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